Employment ⋆ South Florals
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Floral Industry Leaders

Work with a team of innovators. At South Florals, we’re not afraid of change – in fact, we thrive on it! We’re excited to be on the cutting edge of the floral industry. Our team is constantly attending conferences, learning as much as possible, and acquiring new technology to make sure our team members have the tools they need to succeed.

Join a Winning Team

The majority of our team has been with us for years, and we’ve built a strong sense of community among our staff. Working with South Florals means joining a network of stores that communicate amongst each other. A job here is not a job at one flower shop or in one department, it’s an experience in networking among many brands.

Limitless Growth

With various stores and brands, new opportunities open up regularly. In a standalone store with a single owner, they may not be able to promote an employee who has worked hard for several years. One of the many advantages of working with South Florals is that we have the network to position quality personnel for success.

Customer Support

Being held accountable by our floral clients is our #1 goal – we welcome their feedback and are always looking for new ways to get it. Customer service is very important in our industry, and every member of our staff is trained to treat customers in a way that accentuates how valuable they are to us – at every stage of their interaction with us.


We are always looking for the next great addition to our fantastic team.

Feel free to submit your resume for consideration at any time.