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Get Me Out

Leave it in good hands

We Save Florists from Bankruptcy – Contact Us Today

In the beginning, opening a flower shop of your own might have seemed like the perfect idea. You may always loved being a florist, and assumed that your area was the perfect market for this type of business. Now that you have gotten yourself into the floral business, however, you might have found that things didn’t work out quite like you wanted them to. With the rise of wire services, brick-and-mortar flower shops are finding themselves with greater financial difficulties than ever before.


For one reason or another, you might be struggling to keep your shop afloat. Maybe you took on a lot of debt to start the business and keep it running, making it hard for your business to stay open while paying your own personal bills. Your shop might have just never really taken off in the area. Now that you’re in this predicament, you’re probably wondering what comes next.


Luckily, South Florals provides florists like yourself with an exit strategy. We specialize in buying flower shops just like yours, even if they aren’t doing so well business-wise right now. We have a team of pros who operate eight different brands, and we can help grow the business to where it needs to be. This will give you the opportunity to step away quickly and quietly, with a bit of cash in your pocket. Then, you can retire, look for a less stressful job, or open another business. Plus, managers are usually able to stay on in the shops that we buy, so you may be able to guarantee a bit of job security for the employees who have been with you since the beginning.


In some cases, selling your shop can be the best way to move on with your life. You might find that it’s a big relief to be able to walk away after struggling for so long. If you’re wondering what you can do to get out from under a struggling floral business, contact us to find out how we can help.