Immediately upon arrival, check water level. Add room temperature water if needed. Check water level daily. Every 2-3 days change water completely and re-cut stem ends using sharp scissors or knife. If flowers are arranged in floral form, make sure it is always thoroughly saturated. Keep flowers in a cool location out of direct sunlight and avoid excessively hot or cold areas.


Place plants in moderately bright light. Moderately moist soil is preferred. Water thoroughly only after soil is dry to the touch. Avoid over-watering and do not let plants stand in water.


GET THEM DIRT-Y. Use a pot with drainage holes, place small rocks at the bottom of the container and fill with good draining dirt. Once the succulents are planted, sand can be added for extra flair.

LOTS OF LIGHT. Succulents love bright light but too much and the leaves will burn. If you notice the leaves stretching out, they’re arching towards the light and the plant should be moved to a sunnier area

WATER PROPERLY. Thoroughly water the soil, allowing it to drain out and dry completely before the next watering, anywhere between 7-15 days. Don’t water the plant directly either, just the dirt.

PRUNE & PROPAGATE. Leaves may dry out at the bottom as the plant grows, and these should be removed to aid the dirt’s circulation to prevent root rot. If a healthy leaf falls off, give it a few days to callous over then plant the end in dirt and it’ll grow into a new plant

Orchid Care

PLANT THEM WELL. Use a pot with drainage holes, and a medium created for orchids (such as bark) to prevent root rot. Roots need to be planted loosely to absorb moisture and nutrients.

LET THEM SHINE. Place the plant in area with medium to bright indirect sunlight, a south or east window is best. Too much light, can cause the leaves to turn yellow or splotchy and burn, while too little sun will increase the darkness of the leaves. Keep the temperature between 65-75 degrees to prevent the plant from freezing.

DRENCH AND DRAIN. Check the medium for moisture, and if dry, then it is time to water (typically 1x/week). Give the medium a good soaking and let it drain, then make sure the pot doesn’t stand in any water. Mist the blooms to provide extra humidity for longer lasting blooms.

FERTILIZE AND THRIVE. Use a balanced orchid fertilizer at half strength once a month when blooming. Cut down the stems when the blooms have fallen, continue watering and fertilize on a regular but lighter schedule to encourage re-blooming.

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